Bethel Retreat House

cropped-Bethel_front_view1.jpgOur vision at Bethel Retreat House is to see God’s servants find rest, refreshment and renewal as they draw apart from the pressures of life to seek the Lord on an intimate level.

In this beautiful and peaceful place, you will be given a private space to spend quiet time with the Lord. Unless there is a guided weekend retreat, there is no schedule for you to follow except for lunch and dinner.

Our staff will be available to talk and pray with you, if that is your desire.

So, come away, beloved, to a quiet place where you may receive the refreshment needed for restoration. It is our prayer that you will leave this place rested; renewed in your commitment to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

Bethel is a place for:
  • Prayer
  • Rest and retreat
  • Refreshment
  • Sharing your spiritual journey with trained listeners
  • Personal worship
  • Seeking the Lord
  • Quiet reflection

Bethel Retreat House Bethel is not

  • for chronically troubled people
  • for business/planning meetings
  • a beach holiday
  • for children


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